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Facts and Plans

In September 2021, the Newton City Council approved Mark Development’s revisions to the Riverside Special Permit that had been approved in October 2020. Click here to see the city’s Special Permit documents, including plans for traffic, parking, landscaping, architecture and more.

The 2021 revised Special Permit consists of 10 buildings totaling 1.025 million square feet. 

The project includes:

  • 550 apartments, 20% (110) of which will be permanently designated affordable
  •  Two lab/life science office buildings standing 109 feet and 157 feet tall, respectively
  • 22,000 square feet of ground floor retail that will likely include a 5,000-6,000 square foot specialty grocer
  • 2,170 garage and street parking spaces 
The project provides for:
  • $3,020,000 in funds for neighborhood improvements, including off-site traffic mitigation, noise mitigation (such as a sound barrier), and possibly plantings along DeForest Road near Grove Street
  • $3 million for walking and biking trails behind the project. You can learn more about these here.
  • $1.5 million for improvements to the Williams School
  •  $1.4 million for improvements to the City’s sewer system

To handle the additional traffic generated by the project, Mark Development plans to build a new highway ramp for 128 North and a roundabout at Grove Street and Asheville Road for 128 South. The developer also plans to create a 10-foot, two-way bike path from the Riverside complex to the Hamilton Community Center. 

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