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Recreation Trails in and around Lower Falls

The Riverside Greenway will  restore access to the beautiful Charles River shoreline via 3 miles of shared-use trails and footpaths.

A brief history

The concept of a shared use (bike/footpath) through Newton Lower Falls has been discussed since the 1970's. In 2009, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation proposed using the abandoned rail right-of-way for a shared-use trail. In response, the LFIA formed a group to evaluate alternative trail options and since then has acted as an educational resource for the community. Beginning in 2017, local trail advocates have been working to actualize the Riverside Greenway Concept  to include a combination of ADA-compliant, shared-use trails and footpaths connecting the current terminus of the Blue Heron Trail in Lyons Field in Auburndale with the Lower Falls "Trestle" Bridge .

This website will serve as a source of news on trail related activities involving Lower Falls.

What is going on now?

March 2020
The DCR funded a study of how to make connections between the Route I-95 rail bridge at the southeast corner of Leo J. Martin Golf Course (1) and the south side of the I-95 overpass on Quinobequin Rd. (3) as well as to the trails in Wellesley (2). This 'feasibility study' will evaluate different potential routes to make these connections, excluding the rail corrridor. This study is paired with another contract  to fully design a shared-use path along Quinobequin Road from the I-95 overpass to Ellis St in Newton Upper Falls.

What can you do?

    • We expect the design process by the DCR-funded design team will include public outreach. The LFIA will inform the community about these events.

    • Show up and voice your opinions when relevant meetings are held. 

    • Interested neighbors may want to form a group to review what would be acceptable for the neighborhood. A unified voice is a stronger voice.

    The role of the LFIA

    Since the neighborhood is divided on the proposed recreational trail through Lower Falls, the LFIA has chosen to remain neutral on this issue.  It is the role of the LFIA to gather information and make it available to the entire neighborhood.  We will hold informational meetings and communicate opportunities for meetings for neighbors to express their positions to the decision makers at the DCR or City Council.

    Upcoming Events, Meetings, and Hearings

    • Public comments about the Lower Falls shared-use trail feasibility study conducted by the DCR will be heard until Oct. 6th, 2020. Please click here for more information.

    Past Events and Historical Documents

    • 2020 Sept 22
      The DCR held a Virtual Public Meeting about the Lower Falls shared-use trail feasibility study.
      Deadline for public comments is Oct. 6th, 2020. Please click here for more information.

    • 2020 March 19
      LFIA held a virtual Trails Update meeting to let neighbors know about two DCR RFPs (Request for Proposals) and other trail developments associated with the Riverside Development and the Riverside Greenway in Auburndale.   View the slide show and recording of the March 19th, 2020 meeting. Download the RFPs for the Lower Falls Trails  and the Quinobequin Trail 100% Design studies.

    • 2018 April
      Trails Update, Published in the Lowdown 

    • 2018 January 24
      The Riverside Greenway Working Group presented an overview of their work during a meeting at the Newton Main Library on January 24th 2018. View the slide show or a video of the event  with presentations by Emily Norton of the Charles River Watershed Association, Dan Driscoll of Mass DCR and Herb Nolan of the Solomon Foundation and the Riverside Greenway Working Group, including the Q&A filmed by Ted Kuklinski of the Newton Conservators\

    • 2017 April 9
      LFIA Spring Meeting. The LFIA decided not to be a co-applicant to the DCR-Recreational Trails Program
      for a grant "Two
      Bridges Trail from Newton Lower Falls to Riverside."
        LFIA withdraws Grant Application.  Grant was awarded to Bike Newton. (LFIA mistakenly included in announcement).

    • 2009
      The LFIA Alternative Trails Group assessed trail segments as alternatives to the rail trail. Download the study 

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